1. I wouldn't travel without Emergency Assistance Plus

“While celebrating our anniversary in Jamaica, I fell – fracturing both my left leg and shoulder. I desperately needed surgery but the local hospital didn’t have the necessary supplies. My husband, Bill, called Emergency Assistance Plus, who immediately began monitoring my condition, then arranged and provided an air ambulance transportation to the nearest appropriate hospital capable of performing my necessary surgery. Once I was stable, EA+ also arranged and provided flights to get my husband and I back home to Arizona – along with a nurse escort to provide medically necessary assistance during the flight.

Bill called our nurse, Tracy, “An angel, because she just took care of everything”. Once safely back in Arizona, EA+ even arranged to transport the me directly from the airport to a local rehab facility near our home.

If you travel, and we all do, be it a big vacation abroad or even if it’s to visit children and grandchildren in a different state, the cost of getting home if you get injured or ill is expensive. This is one less worry for us.”

Melanie C., Arizona

2. Assistance for a family after a tragic car accident

"Our family vacation quickly became a tragedy when the car we were riding in was broadsided as we traveled from the airport to our hotel. Having barely arrived in Orlando, we soon found ourselves at the local hospital. Thankfully, my two children were unharmed in the accident, but tragically my husband had been killed. I suffered from facial cuts and bruises and required surgery on my arm.

My sister-in-law contacted the EA+ assistance coordinators, who helped us return my husband's body to our home in California. They continued to monitor my medical condition until I was released from the hospital.

After I returned to our home in California, the EA+ assistance coordinators continued to monitor the situation, making arrangements between funeral homes to coordinate the transportation of my husband's body. Never did I think that our EA+ coverage would help us out so much."

Amy T., California

3. Victim of brain meningitis requires specialized transport home

“While vacationing in Maine, I suffered from a severe headache. My visit to the emergency room was just in time, as I was diagnosed with a brain bleed and meningitis. Unfortunately, my health continued to deteriorate and I became paralyzed. The extensive rehabilitation that I required would take months. Four weeks after I was initially admitted to the hospital, my wife decided it was time to return home to Louisiana, so she called the EA+ assistance coordinators for assistance.

Because my mobility was limited and due to other underlying medical needs, it was determined the safest way to transport a paralyzed patient with my specific medical condition from Maine to Louisiana was by air ambulance. EA+ assistance coordinators helped arrange for an air ambulance company to return my wife and I to Louisiana where I continued with rehabilitation in the familiar environment of my hometown. While the membership could not pay for the entire air ambulance transport, we are grateful for the amount the membership could contribute, because without their contribution we would’ve had to pay well over $10,000 out of our own pocket!"

Ben S., Louisiana

4. A nurse escorts a seriously hurt South American traveler

“I had planned to travel throughout South America, learning the language and the culture. While I was visiting the Galapagos I had a bicycle accident and broke my leg. The care there is very limited, so I needed to return to the US in order to have surgery.

EA+ put all my worries to rest. They worked directly with the clinic to ensure I was receiving the proper dosage of medication (good for me since my Spanish was rusty!). Once I was medically cleared to travel by the EA+ medical team, they even arranged for a flight home and a Nurse Escort to assist me on the flight. EA+ made everything so easy and I can’t thank you enough."

Lorraine M, Colorado

5. A blood clot requires emergency surgery and assistance to get home

"When a blood clot was found in my brain while we were vacationing in Michigan, I had to undergo an emergency surgery immediately. After the surgery, my wife contacted EA+ for help in returning us home to Texas. Once the EA+ medical team determined that I was healthy enough to fly home, EA+ assistance coordinators made travel arrangements for us. Although the EA+ assistance coordinators made sure to make arrangements for our car to be returned to Texas, we had our son drive it back. We made it back home safely, thanks to the EA+ assistance coordinators that made everything so easy on us."

Andrew M., Texas

6. Virus and dehydration in the Appalachians cuts an annual trip short

"Our annual road trip to enjoy springtime in the Appalachians was cut short when my husband was hospitalized for a stomach virus and dehydration. Due to the long journey, the treating physician did not recommend that my husband and I drive our van home. Instead, I called EA+ for help. The EA+ assistance coordinators immediately went into action, making flight arrangements for us to return to Massachusetts once my husband was deemed medically fit to travel. While our EA+ services also provided for coordination of vehicle return, we decided that a family friend would drive the van home."

Beverly J., Massachusetts

7. Chest pains requires immediate flights home, and RV to be professionally driven home

After several weeks of leisurely driving on a 4,500 mile RV trip from North Carolina to Alaska, I experienced intense chest pains and was admitted to the hospital nearby overnight for observation. The next morning the cardiologist told me I needed to fly home immediately for treatment – driving home could prove fatal. I handed my EA+ card to the doctor who called on my behalf. The EA+ assistance coordinators obtained medical reports regarding my medical condition and upon review, the EA+ medical team deemed me medically fit to travel. So, EA+ immediately arranged flights for me and my wife, Nora, to Atlanta for surgery. They also arranged for our RV to be driven home by a professional driver.

My wife estimates that EA+ saved us upwards of $10,000 for the tickets and safe return of the RV. Plus we saved the hassle of making the arrangements, which EA+ took care of. We had many people in our RV park who have EA+ and many asked if it is as good as they say. We told them how great it was and how happy we bought it before we left on this vacation. Really tickled we have it.

Paul and Nora, North Carolina

8. Life-threatening strokes and broken bones from a fall while vacationing in London

My husband and I were on vacation in London, England. We had just finished a wonderful tour of a museum when my husband collapsed inside an express grocery store. He was unable to feel his arms and legs so the clerk called the emergency medical service and he was transported to the local trauma center. He was diagnosed with 2 strokes and multiple broken bones from the fall. Later, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where he stayed for 39 days.

Fortunately, I had purchased EA+ a couple years earlier so I called them. There was constant communication between the EA+ assistance coordinator and myself. When my husband was finally ready to return home, EA+ was there to help us. They provided a nurse escort who met us at the hospital, they arranged for an ambulance to take us from the hospital to Heathrow airport, and, as it was deemed medically necessary, they arranged for Paul and the nurse escort to be seated in business class with reclining seats while I sat in coach for the 9 hour trip to North Carolina. When we arrived in Charlotte, EA+ was there with an ambulance for the 2 1/4 hour trip from the airport to the rehabilitation hospital 20 minutes from our home in Asheville.

Needless to say, many of our friends who were planning foreign trips bought EA+ after we told them our story. Thank you, EA+. I had so much to do while in London, getting Paul into the hospital near home, and standing by Paul for 12 + hours each day, feeding, and tending to him, it was such a relief knowing I didn't have to arrange for transportation and repatriation also.”

Valerie T., North Carolina

9. Hospitalized for 10 days in a small town requires medical assistance and flights home

After spending a month in Arizona during the winter, my husband and I were driving home to Minnesota. We were staying overnight in a small town in Oklahoma when my husband became seriously ill and collapsed in our hotel room. We called 911 and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lung and left leg and was hospitalized for 10 days.

We called EA+ and they were wonderful. Their staff was in touch with me every day to see how my husband was doing and how I was doing. When it was time for my husband to be released, the EA+ staff conferred with the physicians to confirm my husband was medically cleared for travel, and arranged and paid for reservations on a commercial flight for us to return to Minnesota. Not only that, but they also arranged and paid for our granddaughter to fly from her home to the location of the van in Oklahoma so that she could drive it to our home in Minnesota. She was even reimbursed for gas, tolls and her incidental expenses during the drive. During all this time, the daily contact by the EA+ staff was wonderful as we were in a strange city and were overwhelmed. We are so thankful for everything they did for us.

We renewed EA+ the following year and it gives us great piece of mind to know it’s there when we travel. We also discovered we can use it even if we’re just out of our immediate area, not necessarily on a long trip. We wouldn’t be without it.”

Roger and Jean J., Minnesota

10. An accident during a “routine” trip to their second home

“My husband, Parker, and I flew to our 2nd home in South Carolina and as I walked down our front stairs, I missed a step and fell. The result was a fractured pelvis and 3 fractured ribs. I was in the hospital for 2 days, then transferred to rehab for 18 days. There was absolutely no way that Parker could get me home to Maine without help.

We notified EA+ early in my hospitalization and they were wonderful. They worked with my doctors to devise a plan. As it was deemed medically necessary by the EA+ medical team, arrangements were made to fly us home to Maine accompanied by a nurse escort who supplied oxygen. All appropriate clearances, tickets and wheelchair transfers through the airports were arranged by EA+. The nurse escort took my vital signs before leaving my home, assuring that I was safe and comfortable.

I cannot know how much it would have cost for us to get everything on our own, but I do know that a private plane would have cost $10,000 or more! We could not have had better arrangements or care.”

Sue R., Maine

11. An acute medical emergency while at a vacation condo requires an air ambulance

My wife became seriously ill during at stay at our condo in Tennessee. I called 911 and she was transported to a nearby medical center and admitted. After 12 days of treatment, it was determined my wife needed specialized care not available at the current facility. I contacted EA+ and they worked with my wife’s doctors to finalize arrangements for transfer by air ambulance to a hospital in Knoxville.

I would like to commend the team at EA+ and the staff that made the air ambulance trip with my wife. They were all very professional. The entire staff at the hospital in Knoxville could not believe the way EA+ did everything that was promised. Your staff could not have been any better to me and my wife.

I have told many people about this amazing program. I am proud to endorse EA+.

David H., Tennessee

12. A sudden illness ends a vacation trip to Italy

“We had enjoyed a lovely vacation in Italy visiting Lake Como, Tuscany and finally the Amalfie Coast. While in Positano, my wife became ill and needed medical assistance. I called EA+ and they helped us locate a hospital in Sorrento where my wife received inpatient care for two days.

Because of her condition, we knew we would be unable to continue our trip. With the help of the EA+ physicians, arrangements were made for us to fly to Paris and then board a direct flight to our home in North Carolina once my wife was deemed medically stable for travel. As it was deemed medically necessary due to her condition, EA+ arranged to have my wife in business class seating with me as her non-medical escort to join her for the entire journey home.

We cannot express our thanks and appreciation for all that was done to make such a frightening situation tolerable, calming and comforting. Thank you all.”

Jerry and Peg B., North Carolina

13. Stranded in Mexico after contracting pneumonia while on a cruise

My husband and I were on a cruise when he developed pneumonia. He spent 24 hours in the ship’s infirmary and was then evacuated to a hospital in Mexico. We contacted EA+ to help us. I received several calls during the two days my husband was hospitalized. They kept us up to date on arrangements for transportation home and coordinated with the doctors at the hospital and my husband’s doctor back home.

It was determined that my husband needed specialized care that the hospital in Mexico was not medically capable of providing. EA+ made arrangements for a medical evacuation to a hospital in Florida, as it was the closest facility medically capable of treating my husband at the time, which also happened to be near our home! We were accompanied on the trip by the appropriate medical personnel. When we arrived at the hospital, they also helped us with admittance to the ICU and to confer with the hospital staff about his condition.

We certainly encourage everyone to become an EA+ member. Hopefully, it will never be needed, but the peace of mind is worth more than words can convey.

Norma Jean S., Texas

14. Exceptional emergency support for a serious illness while traveling in Poland

“While traveling in Poland, my wife became seriously ill and needed emergency medical care. Fortunately, we had signed up to be EA+ members. I had seen one of their offers a couple of years ago, but given the low cost, I thought it could not offer the services advertised. But, this time, because travel plans would take us to developing countries, I decided to join.

Space does not permit me to give the details of EA+'s response to my wife’s medical situation. Let me just say that their response was exceptional. I shall continue to be a member of EA+ for as long as I am able to travel never growing tired of telling my friends of their outstanding service.”

Joseph C., Colorado

This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Hospitalization (admitted as an inpatient) is a requirement to be eligible for some services. All services must be arranged and provided by EA+. Please read your Member Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any rules and regulations. Click here to view a sample of the EA+ Plan details. Washington state residents must be traveling more than 100 miles away from home to be eligible for EA+ services.

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